The Full Package: Expertise. Service. Quality.

For more than 50 years, Dixon Direct has been working for clients with the most demanding standards of quality and service. We’ve succeeded with the Fortune 500 and companies of all sizes by making sure we deliver for you from start to finish!

A Committed Partner

We map out the project plan and design with you, and then manage the production and distribution process all the way through to completion. Dixon Direct delivers a turnkey solution.

Unsurpassed Quality

Dixon Direct’s standard for quality is why our affiliated company Arcade Beauty, relies on us to produce ScentStrip®, a fragrance sampling technology produced for the world’s leading beauty, fragrance and cosmetic companies. Dixon Direct has earned the ISO 9000:2015 designation, an independent certification signifying the company’s commitment to quality management standards.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Our pricing is very competitive. The expertise of our team and the efficiency of our production enable Dixon Direct to consistently offer real value within your budget.

Leading-Edge Technology

Dixon Direct’s in-line printing and web-based printing technologies, along with its advanced finishing capabilities, gives our team the flexibility to fulfill almost any job you can imagine.

Direct Mail Format

Solutions like the Redemption Card, a proprietary direct mailer with a wallet-sized card, can be personalized to power highly targeted marketing campaigns. Dixon Direct excels at customizing solutions to your needs.

Our Capabilities

  • The Redemption Card
  • Direct Mail campaigns
  • Beauty, fragrance or cosmetic sampling
  • Free-standing or bind-in inserts

Our Customers

  • Fortune 500 advertisers
  • Direct marketers
  • Cataloguers
  • Publishers
  • Advertising agencies